Hello my fashion friends! To me haute couture has always been a great way to celebrate dramatic and nostalgic moments in visual sense. There is something grandiously dashing in melancholy that haute couture embraces.

The most melancholic vibe can be seen in haute couture editorials. They are perfect media and form to show the wide range of couture in deep, melancholic way. Like frozen pictures from noir movies, they are often presented in black and white coloration giving the couture that noir-art chic.

When talking about forms and textures in this sense, they are very romanticly formed, with tons of ruffles, silky waves all around, with bold and heavy game on the eyes embodied in heavy smokey effects. There are not so many unusual features in the ensembles, dresses or gowns in general. Only in the make up game which gives IT that dramatic and dark opulence.

Why I love these kind of haute couture?! Because it embraces all what couture is; elegant, brave, sad, gorgeous, beautiful, poetic, with artistic dignity. Sadness suits haute couture so well and that is the most inspiring thing to me.

How do you feel about noir input in haute couture?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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