Hello my fashion friends! In today´s post I will talk aboute drive that is important when designing haute couture. And by that I mean the ludacris intentions to be different, to be imaginative and brave in design expression. This is my odesque to all of fabulous designers making haute couture. Or a little "thank you note".

There are so many ways from which designer can be influenced by to create the impossible ensembles which perfectly go on the runways of couture fashion weeks. I think, you don´t become a couturier, you are born like one. You can have impecable talent but if you don˙t have the courage to stand behind your work, than everything is useless. The vision is what is important, and by that I mean very concrete and strong vision. If you loose yourself on the road of doing haute couture collection than your idea won´t be recognized.

Being a couturier is like being a novelist. All the pieces of your story have to come together. Otherwise you will have an untold situation. Visionaires are wanted in haute couture field, who understand woman and her essence, her body and ultimate feminine vibrations. With all of that composed in one, you have grandious finish like gorgeous ensembles made in haute couture.

This post I dedicate to all past, present and future couturiers telling them that I feel their struggle and that I appreciate for all amazing visual treasures they have given us or will. Thank you for believing that miracles can be worn!

What do you think about designing haute couture? Do you find it as a long, hard work or a moment of current inspiration?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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