Hello my fabulous fashion friends! If there is a better and astonishing thing than the haute couture itself than it is defenitely the haute couture editorials. They offer us the best of the couture, giving us the artistic interpretation of couture ensemble.

As you can see the editorials are perfect for couture visual inscenation. Every piece of couture speaks story for itself and it is great source for artistic expression. Editorials are made for magazines´ or couture houses´ purposes but they are defenitely far more than just pure visual advertisement.

Editorials with haute couture have very theatrical vibe, very vivid in story telling, and so dramatic. That is the main characteristic of haute couture; you enjoy in it but at the same time it can shock you, or make you sad by its sweet melancholy, or make you rebelious by its so many times here spoken "savage" factor.

If there is one thing I love more than haute couture, than that will defenitely be the haute couture editorials. They give us an amazing insight in vision of couturier. They are like procrastinate hand of a designer where, in this case a form of photographer´s interpretation, we can enjoy once again in celebration of high artistic aesthethic known as haute couture.

Do you like haute coutre editorials? Do you find them useful in their purpose?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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