Hello my beautiful fashion friends! So it is pre-summer time and high fashion is presenting the resort collections. If you want to know a little more about these kind of collection please check my blog, in past of my posts I talk about resort collections and their characteristics. In short, the word is about collections meant to be worn on criuse and yachts. Very posh I know, but the look of the fashion really depends on its purpose.

So what I have noticed about this collection is that is not a typical resort collection. Many heavy and dark textures, in combination with airy, sailors alike trousers. Silky blouses with big, puffy sleeves, very stiff and sleek silhouette are some of the major characteristics of this collection.

It is for sure that this is not an usual resort collection. It has much more decadent vibe, without any lightness, so to me it is more miss than hit to me. This collection would be perfect to wear it in theatar, at the stage performing, not cruising at the yacht enjoying wind and sun.

What are your thoughts about this collection? Do yo like it?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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