Hello my dear friends! In today´s post I will not say much! Let us just enjoy in the haute couture ensembles. Sometimes the theory always shades the final product so I will just share with you these amazing images and say why I adore haute couture so much.

I know in these days when everyone has a blog, talks about fashion and beauty, haute couture is not so often occasion to be spoken about. Maybe because we can not afford it, maybe because we can not wear it, or maybe it is too much for us!

Or maybe often we think that haute couture is dead asking ourselves what is the point of making ultra-mega-hyper expensive gowns which no one can buy them. Well the point of haute couture isn´t in buying it, or wear it. It is like Leonardo Da Vinci´s Mona Lisa, or Salvador Dali´s pieces. We appreciate them, and celebrate them as a perfect pieces of art. And that is the same thing with haute couture.

So enjoy my friends in visual paradise!

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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