Hello my dear fashion friends! Hope you are doing great and that you enjoy your summer. In today´s post I will say few words about very important visula factor when it comes to haute couture. And that is the silhouette.

Haute couture has so many amazing features, but to me the most astonishing and fascinating thing is the silhouette. There can be different kind of realizations when we talk about this aspect of haute couture making the signature sign of couture in general.

For examples, silhouettes that are more sleek, strongly defined are more likely to be part of aestheticly very feminine ensembles, giving the accent to more traditional kind of couture beauty. It follows the body contours celebrating it at the most chic way.

Opulent and big forms are more characteristic for modern vision of couture, giving it that experimenting and avant garde touch. This kind of expression is more likely to be seen at shows made by young, yet to come designers, beacuse they have the courage to take risk in visual sense. This type of silhouette is very artistic, mostly like musem alike instalation.

Airy and light silhouette is made by very light materials, with tons of waves, ruffles and chifon features. It gives the couture very romantic and etheric touch with feminine potential putten on the highest boost. If any silhouette in couture celebrates woman body that this could be it.

There are also very structuredly strong silhouettes which have very strong vision in architectural sense. This kind of sihouettes are also part of very artistic expression of couture, giving it very futuristic vibe. This is artisticly seen the most popular form giving the couture very theatrical and vivid touch.

So these are some of silhouettes that can be part of haute couture ensembles. As you can see, my friends, haute couture is so complex and has so many wonderful points of view. And that is the most beautiful thing when talking about haute couture.

What is your favorite silhouette type in haute couture?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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