Hello my fabulous friends! As you can see, if you have read few of my posts, the main target and subject that I write about is haute couture. I am fascinated by these type of fashion expression in so many ways, so in today´s post I will try to answer at the most common question when we talk about haute couture; is it haute couture fashion or artistic way of channeling the aesthetic energy of designer?!

As someone who has master deegree in literature, I have read so many studies about art in general. And in one specific part of it, I remembered it was said that fashion is not and will never be a piece of art. Ok, I understand that "ready-to-wear" collections can not be included in it, because of their purpose to be worn in everyday life and because they don´t have that extraordinary effect in the eye of the observer which is known for art in general to have.

Art doesn´t have any purpose just aestheticly wise, discovering world around us through these cannons. But what is with haute couture?! If you see some of the collections of grandious couturiers like early late Alexander McQueen or imginativly vivid craftship by Vivienne Westwood, or extraordinary ensembles by Yohji Yamamoto, for example, you will see tremedious design beyond any visual expectations which we know. So to me I think haute couture is art partly and by that I mean "belle haute couture" made by Elie Saab, Georges Hobeika, Dior, Valentino or let´s say all of those amazing gowns that you see on the red carpets. They can not be treated as an art pieces.

So I hope I have cleared a little bit this usual question when talking about haute couture! To me it will always be pure art with huge adoration and respect to magnificent designers who in visual way speak and show better world. More art that this we can not ask for, or?!

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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