Fresh runway report is here! It is by Valentino Autumn/Winter Pre-Fall collection. Display of most romantic dresses and textures was so on point evocating the fresh neo-romanticism by which is lately Valentino fashion famous. This collection was not exception either. A victorian whisp in form of pop up collars, long maxi dresses with light accentuated waists, rock vibe brought through the all leather ensembles or in combination with the chiffon dresses. All of that could be seen and been WOW-ed at the same time.

The main piece of the collection were the already mentioned dresses which only undertone the archaic vibe of romanticism. They were presented in numorous outfits presented on the runway making them more contemporary by robust leather brown boots. A nice jackets and coats could be seen, in vibrant color or in funny modern prints. All of that gave the collection fresh and youthful touch.

Of course, rare are those Valentino shows without the famous Valentino red dress. On this occasion we could be seen it at the very end in form of glittery appliques all over the long sleek elegant dress. This piece has a huge red carpet potential, no doubt. Last piece on the runway was the gentle rose see-through maxi dress with small ruffled waves falling down. Perfect way to add fashion warmth into the autumn/winter of 2017!

Do you like this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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