This year´s haute couture fashion week spring/summer was defenitely at the more traditional side of high fashion. That doesn´t mean that there weren´t amazing ensembles. But what Chinese designer Guo Pei offered us was defenitely pure couture extravaganza. This designer which was the first Asian designer ever featured at the haute couture scene in Paris hase had defenitely remarkable original and strong decadent sense for aesthetic. The collection presented at this fashin week was in the same couture range.

The collection had two inspirational points; first the wildly beautiful fauna creatures in shape of stunning rich chiffon ensembles in natural and earthy colors. This point of the show had the mentioned wild nature touch with strong gothic aspirations. This gothic decadence and dramatic design approach got even more stronger at the second part of the show where models wore big crucifix tiaras avocating at the very end a strong christian theme.

These two design themes and visions were interpretation of religion evolution as the west world and culture see it! It is impressive how someone from other tradition and culture sees our common beliefs. At this point the inscenation of interpretation could be enough for another post so I will stop here and take a look at the design and taylored details.

Chiffons, ruffles, metals features, original anti-silhouettes in which couture ensemble had ledaing role in adjusting the models´ bodies. The silhouette was very artisticly strong. This collection was not at the experimental side of haute couture; it was very avant garde but in the way of deconstruction and re-designing our so far fashion and cultural (religious as well) criterias. And that is the most empowering thing couture and fashion in general can do!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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