When talking about lipsticks there are so many diversities and characteristics that we can differentiate them by, but most common dualism is defenitely matte vs. glossy listicks. Especially lately when matte is having huge come back and it is very in and glossy lipstick products seem to have been on the other spectrum currently out of the huge hype. So what are major good or not so good things when talking about matte or glossy lipsticks?!

One of the positive sides about matte lipsticks is that they are smudge proof so you are safe on that side. The negative side is that if you have chapped  lips you can´t wear mattes because every imperfection of the lips can be seen. Matte lipsticks are not very suitable for mature skin either and they can make your lips to look visualy smaller.

On the other hand, I think glossy lipstick have much more positive sides. They hydrate and nourish lips at the same time. They are enriched by shine which make lips appear bigger so they are perfect for any lips´ forms and in any age. Only catchy thing is that if they are not very good setted they can smudge and especially during hot summer days they can leak outside the lip lines.

So as you can see matte or shiny, all lipsticks have positive and negative sides. I personally prefer more glossy lipsticks but occassionally wear matte too. I am not so fan of the nudes and nude shades are perfect looking in matte, so this is one reason more to consider myself as a glossy gal!

Which lipstick do you prefer more, matte or glossy?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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