Very masculine and quirky! With these words we could describe the collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 by Dsquared. With very voluminous pieces and robust touches it is defenitely a on the way to become trendsetting. Although the main part of the collection is very dark with black and deep tones, it has stylisticly vivid approach which is the trademark for this design name.

All the way leather outfits with shiny textures gives the chic vibe to the ensembles. The boy-ish romper jackets in combination with fur embelished hats are on the typical way of Dsquared design vision. But there were very feminine pieces included, like ruffled maxi dresses with huge glam potential, or in vibrant prints realized mini dresses made of already mentioned leather.

The choice of shoes was very important; a simple black sandals which gave more posh vibe to the mainly lossed up outfits. If this collection flirts with a little tom boy in every woman it defenitely gives the pure feminine touch by these elegant and sexy one-striped shoes. This collection was defenitely a winner in fashion sense! It has everything autumn/winter collection shoud; coziness, casual tones but with ultimate fashionista vibe!

Do you like this collection!

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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