First time is the hardest! Well not if you ask Maria Grazia Chiuri, a new fashion director at Dior. This was her first haute coture collection and it was boldly innovative, gorgeously story telling and with all couture elemements so on point. But lets start from the beginning! The show was placed at the magic wood alike inscenation. First models at the runway wore black voluminous chic capes boosted with inspiring head pieces. And then as the show went on the whole pack of fauna fairies "occupied" the runway.

The ensembles roll on in the form of romantic easy to wear dresses made of light materials. See through chiffon, embelished textures with hint of fairy alike dusty glitter all over, soft floral motives hidden within, all of that could be seen at the runway! As if this show was the couture inscenation of Shakespeare´s "Midnight Summer Dream", very etherical and magic touch was so strong and got even more accentuated by very theatrical and stunning head ornaments!

The new aesthetic of Dior is born, we can say that for sure! It is very elegant, gentle and bold at the same time! So much warmer than Raf Simons era. Of course the vintage spirit of Dior aura is placed in waisted ensembles with more flowy and modern silhouette! This was very gorgeously low key hautec couture collection but very aspiring making us wanting for more! So, big congratulations at Maria Grazia Chiuri! It wasn´t easy to step in Dior´s shoes but she did it effortlessly and succesffully!

Do you like this collection?

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Georgia! xo

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