If there could be a positive megalomanical attitude torwards haute couture than this collection would probably be the trademark for it! The word is about Zuhair Murad haute couture collection for spring/summer 2017. Everything connected with Zuhaiud Murad name is so aestheticly perfect, no doubt he is one of the favorite designers of Hollywood A-list stars. In this collection he offered his typical luxurious design with huge heterogenic approach in forms, silhouettes and materials. Oh, and colors of course!

Speaking of colors; the whole show was imagined to be full spectrum of most vibrant colors; from black with fireworks alike prints on it at the very beginning, torwards deep red with shiny embelishments. Than the colors´ rollercoaster goes "wilde" with adorable color blocking of that same red and pink than hits more higher note in the shape of emerald green, azzuro blue and light grey. The grand finale was the stunning white wedding gown!

Lets talk about silhouettes! This time Zuhair Murad really went torwards more decadent and rich voluminous forms in shape of crinoline dresses and sleek corsets in upper parts. The crinoline piece was so dramaticly boosted evocating the glorious days of haute couture. Of course, there were more loosed up forms, like more sleek drapping silky dresses or very luxurious at the front deep cutted jumpsuits. Hair and makeup were simple, high bunny and bold eyeliner game on the eyes. This collection was grandious and simply beautiful! It had that whisp of good old days when haute couture was more relevant for fashion industry! This collection but this whole fashion week in Paris is a prove that couture still lives! Viva haute couture!

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