We all know that fashion designers are amazing artists and visionaries with amazing visual aesthetic sense! Some of them are very experimentally inspired and driven, other like more traditional haute couture approach. But one is sure, they all make ensembles worth every adoration! So I in this post I wanted to bring you closer to some of the most influential couturieres of our time to see if ther design vision matches your style aesthetics.

If you like to be different, not to be like others, if your style is very original than your couturier MOJO would defenitely be Jean Paul Gaultier! He makes amazingly playful and quirky clothes with a hint of self irony. You are a trully artisticly decadent and by that I mean it in most beautiful way!

If you are strong and like to be avant garde, you like to see yourself like style influencer than your inner couturier spirit would defnitely be Iris van Herpen! She makes outstanding clothes, with very futuristic vibe. Not to mention she doesn´t forget to accentuate the visual experiments with the powerful femininity.

If you don´t like to stand out but like gorgeous, luxurios things, you are a very sophisticated person just like haute couture of Elie Saab! He makes amazingly tasteful couture with perfect choices of materials and textures. All of that is on more traditional "belle haute couture" side but very dazzling and magnificent!

So in which couture portrait have you recognized yourself; in rebelious jean Paul Gaultier, in experiment prone Iris van Herpen or in traditionally beautiful design style by Elie Saab?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


  1. I'm definitely more of a Elie Saab girl - I love anything traditional and beautiful.


    1. Me too! Thank you for your nice comment! Xo