There are two things you don´t know about me; that I am am ultimate New York City fan (although I have never visited, but hope soon that will be changed) and that I love cats. So what are all these things have to do with Kate Spade´s fashion? Well, she is an ultimate New York City designer icon, and her editorials are full with adorables chic felines. She likes to be isnpired by these two my favorite motives and highlights in her design so what a better reason to say few impressions of Kate Spase style!

I love how Spade´s fashion is so joyful, with bright colors enriched, stylish but not pretentious, so wearable but  with huge show-stopper potential at the same time. Her fashion e design embodies a real New York City "gal", so en vogue, but always in a rush, from job to after-work parties, always looking fabulous and stunning.

To me Spade´s fashion is a true epiphany of New York style. So if you want to feel and be dressed like New Yorker lady, you should go for her design or just get inspired by it! Oh, and the kittens in her editorials are so adorable! By that I can tell she is a true catlady! To me, that is enough to get "Spade-d"!

What do you think about Kate Spade fashion? Do you like it and you feel that New York City vibe from it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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