Yay, the best time for haute couture blogger as myself is defenitely this week because it is haute couture fashion week in Paris! So I am bringing you the fresh from the runway looks and impressions. Today the Iris Van Herpen couture show was held and it was outstanding and pure avant garde festivity.

This collection is in typical range of Van Herpen aesthetic design; very futuristic and with huge experimental potential. The beauty which possesses haute couture by Van Herpen is defenitely original and ready to push the couture boundaries. Famous jelly bean textures in combination with three dimensional features on the materials; all of that could be seen on the runway today.

The experimental note of this haute collection was undertoned even more with models´ looks; very androgynous and alien alike makeup, which gave the faces "extraterrestrial" vibe. Strong defined fringes in V shape just boosted up the "UFO" aesthetic and this was that particulary innovative step in this whole collection. Iris Van Herpen offered us very brave and innovative couture, still very wearable and by futuristic femininity enriched. This was a pure visual spectacle, no doubt!

Do you like this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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