The season of red carpets has started. Last night The Golden Globes were held and one thing that caught my eye was the stunning defile of yellow gowns and ensembles. So I have decided to write about this red carpet slash haute couture phenomenon and to see is this a sporadic thing or we can say for sure that yellow is a new black.

First of all, lets see what is about yellow color that makes it so outstanding and perfect to wear. It is really vibrant color! It lifts not just the whole ensemble but the person who wear it! Talking about color rejuvenation, or what! Only if you are not fan of the all the way yellow outfit, only one piece like accessories can really inhale life in your style aura.

But lets go back to red carpets and more festive occassions. I think yellow is defenitly a new black. It suits any woman of color, age, hair.. It is really all around perfect choice if you want to on sophisticated way be a star of red carpet. You can never go wrong with it!

Do you like yellow trend on the red carpets?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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