There is always a bilingual connection or stride in fashion, and when talking about this "diabolique" side I am thinking about haute couture and pret-a-porter! Lots of people are more fans of ready to wear a.k.a pret-a-porter because although it is still luxurious and high end it is affordable and can be worn. For haute couture everything is opposite; it is damn to expensive and it is not meant to be worn in everyday life.

I personally I am more of haute couture fan! Why?! Because it is unlikely anything that you can see in everyday style and on the streets. So I am defenitely a haute couture lover! But I like good pret-a-porter collection which is aestheticly rich and has high design standards.

If you are more interested in wearable clothes, than you are a pret-a-porter fan for sure! And that is perfectly ok! I like that ready to wear collections are very dinamic, very vibrant and heterogenic in nature of their design. They often create trends and have impecable influence on the style in general. Many of epic outfits or clothing pieces come from pret-a-porter collections which than became anthological, like mini skirt, tuxedo for women or safari style.

As you see fashion has really so many amazing sides. On which side are you, are you more of the haute couture or pret-a-porter fan?

Thank you for the attenton!

Georgia! xo

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