Hello my dear fashion friends! Today I have really interesting topic to talk about. The word is about Hi-Tech haute couture. It captions all modern technologies when talking about creating a haute couture or high fashion in general.

If there is anything more to admire when talking about haute couture than this is defenitely the type of creative approach in couture. You deal with totally new and innovative materials to bulid and creative at the same time equally gorgeous ensembles.

So the range of materials for creating Hi-Tech couture is really wide. From LED lamps like Zac Posen made a dress which was weared by Claire Danes at this year´s Met Gala. That was an illuminating heaven to me. And have to admit that gown was a motive to write this post today.

If you want to be more contemporary, you can use 3-D features made by ruffles to create that ilusion of 3- dimension effect. You can always be innovative with metal features by making new forms which give that cold but futuristic vibe to the couture.

If you want to take a step and experiment more, you can create forms with ice water crystals. This is probably the most original type of modern aproach to creating haute couture.

Or take a tons of non-recycling materails, like heavy nylon and make really stand out gowns.

So the spectrum of creativity is really wide in modern technlogy couture. It is the couture of future. Maybe "Star Wars" meet "Cinderella" kind of simulation. A new romanticism with splash of modern muses.

Do you like this type of couture? What do you think about it?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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