Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Dolce & Gabbana are known for heterogenic and eclectic style sense! This design MOJO looses even more in their haute couture collections! Mish-mash of everything and we have pictoresque and vivid collection! This haute couture collection for Spring/Summer 2017 was not exception either.

So many thematic motives from strong and clear animal prints (even cute embelishment of a cat), from typically "dolce" decadent golden textures displayed on the black background, from heavy and palpitation able rich embroideries.; all of that could be seen on the runway. The inspiration went so far so we could see modern geisha alike ensemble with golden textures on the front and strong print game on the inner part of voluminous coat.

Glamorous sweaters with glitter overload, famous sleek black cocktail dresses as well as romantic long ones, every piece of the collection was unique. If anyone doesn´t affraid to put all of the imaginative strides in the realizations, than this is defenitely Dolce & Gabbana! This collection is evidence of their vivid and playful approach to design even in haute couture. Every piece speaks story for itself and we can not have enough of this beautifully "ludicrous" aesthetic!

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Georgia! xo

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