People often wonder what is the purpose of high end fashion? Because of the lack of big utility in wearing sense, haute couture is often thought to be irrelevant for fashion  industry in general. And observing from ready to wear point of view maybe there are not so many great reasons why haute couture should be produced. But if we look more deeper into the haute couture specifics we will see that high end fashion is more than important for fashion industry.

The accent is on the fashion industry and fashion houses renomes. Any house of fashion design that is consider to be on the Olimp of fashion industry need to have haute couture collections. And if you think that this couture gowns don´t have buyers, you are wrong. The houses of fashion make money mostly from cosmetic and perfumes´ or accesssories´ range. Really small amount of money comes from buying clothes which you see on the pret-a-porter shows. And this is where haute couture steps in. The high rich buyers are introduced in haute couture pieces and selling them fashion houses can insure their incommings for producing more ready-to-wear collections.

I know this buying-selling thing is maybe not so "fashionable" to talk about. I admit, I am no insider of fashion business but I adore fashion so much and haute couture too, so I know how hard fashion business is. Especially haute couture. That is why I appreciate and take a bow to every couturier (known or unknown) who makes high fashion. It is struggle with most amazing final product, a haute couture ensemble.

What do you think about haute couture, do you think it is important for fashion in general?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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