Limits don´t exist or if they are they are meant to be broken! This is the epiphany of haute couture. It doesn´t affraid of new forms and innovative design realizations. There is no exception even in the couture inspired by geometric shapes. It is decadent but very fresh and modern, even on the contemporary mode side. So how geometric shapes are transfering in haute couture, this is the theme of today´s post!

Geometric shapes are more on the experimental haute couture side. They are very intriguing and looking astonishing just because they are meant to be new featured ornament. The technique of how these ornaments are shaped is very important. The texture of them is more on the three dimensional side, with very stiff and strong silhouette. The romantic touch is very low; the original and innovation aspect is on the go and on the first place.

But whatever they shape is, it is meant to be very strong in visual sense. It is like futuristic touch of the couture with hints of androgynous form. Because this aesthetic is very new and innovative with high "pushing the visual expectations" imperative. Even the dresigners who are on the more "traditional" side of couture like Chanel or Balenciaga had the very excellent trips in geometric space of fashion design. This fact shows how this theme is very interesting to designers and to the fashion consumers too.

Do you like this kind of couture?

Thank you for the attention! xo

Georgia! xo

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