Eclectic vibes to the fullest! With these MOJO we could describe the pre- fall autumn/winter ready to wear collection presented by Gucci! This is so far the most vivid and playful collection of this italian luxury and fashion design house! We won´t be affraid of winter and autumn dullness next year thanks to Gucci!

The very wearable fashion extravaganza with infueled retro touch! This type of woman is what Gucci sees in the next autumn/winter season! This Gucci woman doesn´t affraid to experiment, to mix layers and prints. Amost in Carrie Bradshaw mannerism, she loves vibrant colors and easy going design solutions. It is like high maintenance lady meets her inner hippy child! Long boho dresses inspired by sixty´s richly in waves and luxurious textures, midi-voluminous coats a.ka. capes in irredescent prints and colors or perfectly cutted two piece ensembles made of finest tweed. Don´t forget the shiny saten boots in deep red with colorful signature Gucci prints and logo! I bet these item will be the next desiree piece of all fashionistas!

Very inspirational design and playful collection! Once again Gucci has proved that they don´t affraid to experiment and to be the leading design house in trendestting! With this collection Gucci is on the right way to maintain that title!

Do you like this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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