Because Christmas holidays are just around the corner I decided to show you some of the "creme de la creme" high end fashion celebrating solutions. We all can be inspired by them! Just because haute couture is unique and we can´t afford it, it doesn´t mean we can not be inspired by it. So lets dove in celebrate mood via haute couture!

Ok, it is hard indeed to choose festive alike gourmet because in haute couture everything has that glamor opulent effect, but with few of the ensembles showed down below we can enjoy in them and take the best of them to be inspired. All white combinations with delicate lace embroidered features, or simply silky solutions highlighted with featherish fringes; this is the most sophisticated example. The rich prints are desirable too, just like the flowers too!

Of course, the finest glitter appliques in form of the finest crystals are inevitable when talking about haute couture specialized for special occasions. The colors in this case are very gentle and soft without any visual exaggerations. There are brave couture realizations in more vibrant spectrum of colors like fuchsia, violet or moon blue. In this case very important is the right shade of the particular color. It has to be right to keep everything in festive elegance proportions.

Long and voluminous, or even mini versions with falling cape on the back side; the silhouette is simple to wear with a hint of couture "ready to explore" whisp. Just to accentuate that this type of couture is more on the aestheticly wise safe side of the road. There are no experiments or any decadent approach! Everything has to be in fine and glamorous symmetry! Make up in these cases is always simple, almost natural! More drama on the face could cause more theatrical effect and that is to be avoided a big must!

So, there you have it! Suggestions for upcoming holiday looks! You can be insired by it in so many ways! Even if you will wear jeans and simple t-shirt! The couture spirit is in the heart and soul! It is the "Anima" of every style! Keep that on mind!

What are your holiday outfits´ plans?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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