Elegant with romantic twist! With these words I could describe pre-fall ready to wear collection for autumn/winter 2017 by Elie Saab! Two things that I like the most is that this collection is glamorous in typical Elie Saab way with gentle and delicate design. The other thing is that is super wearable. It has the perfect Saab signtaure; deep and mysterious femininity with big classic chic aura.

The signtaure item of Elie Saab, romantic dresses were here perfectly made; with light chiffon and embroidered lace or touches of glitterish embelishments, this collection offers haute couture in its finest pret-a-porter mode. The long gowns with hints of voluminoisty or just playful and quirky mini-dresses; they all stand for ultimate glamour effect made by Elie Saab!

The amazing highlight were defenitely wide trousers with very sleek upper area. This is the example how to look amazing wearing more casual and loosed up outfit! Elie Saab is the king of refined woman elegance, so even trousers to look very aestheticly appealing is not a surprise at all! The colors were more on the darker side; lots of black, deep green and blue! Prefect spectrum for autumn/winter collection! Amazing work with perfectly defined elegance undertone! Elie Saab indeed never disappoints!

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Georgia! xo


  1. Everything here is so beautiful, I love all these colours.

    1. Thank you so much! It is really a stunnning collection!