Fashion can be a huge inspiration when it comes to style choices for celebrations. In this pre-Christmas and New Year holiday season we love to look a little more glamorous and loose that inner fashionista to shine and to be star of every party! Having that on mind, more bolder and more festive approach when talking about ultimate glamour look are defenitely the red and gold combinations! This two colors are defenitely a winner when it comes to stand out and have the most elegant vibe in party seasons.

There is something very royal and high maintenance, very decadent and strong in visual sense when we see the red and gold combinations. If they are boosted in haute couture form, more festive than that can not be! The very often appearence of these two strong vibrant colors are in shape of red texture or material with embroidered golden features. This type has that already mentioned royal vibe to it and it is on the more traditional side of high elegance!

More modern and contemporary type is the combination of all red ensembles with big statement golden jewelry like necklaces, bracelets or in Dolce & Gabbana example golden crowns. This looks very feminine and strong, with gorgeous elegant approach with that ultimate glamour boost!

Of course, these examples are inspired by haute couture. You can take some of these visual approaches in your holiday outfits. There is nothing more elegant and feminine than red dress with a hint of gold in it. It is that time of the year to shine and be star of the party season!

Do you like red and gold combination in outfits for special occasions?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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