Nobody can make woman more atractive than Versace! Their famous haute couture collections are always on the perfect trace to celebrate femininity in all its bold and fierlessly seductive design. This pre-fall collection was a little on the low key of the typically Versace fashion philosophy but still was on the highest point of style perfection.

The military vibes combined with bold prints and luxurious coats, those were the design peaks of this collection! The soft silhouette which was realized despite the strong visual choices undertoned even more elegance in deep casual way. I think for this collection the cozyness factor was a main leading point, so bundled ensembles with furry coats and warm bomber jacktes were amazingly done.

The colors chosen were vibrant but on the deeper mode. So the major of the collection was made in aubergine, military green, mustard yellow or dirty blue. This spectrum went just perfectly with the whole idea of this capsule, pre-fall collection. Versace offered really fresh and new point to the elegance and style making the perfectly cutted ensembles which could possibly be the favorites of many fashion fans and consumers.

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