Fresh from the runway! Today on the 6th December in Paris Chanel gave a fashion Pre Fall Ready to Wear show! Or to be more specific, the typical runway wasn´t to be seen but inscenation of  "parisienne" flare, imitaing the vibrant vibes from caffe bars and sallons for which french capital is famous for. Karl Lagerfeld is the king of great themes for runways and this collection was in the same range. But lets go back to the clothes.

The showed pieces were very on point. The famous Coco flare was to be sensed in the perfect two pieces ensembles made from Chanel trademark material, tweed which amazingly undertoned the true manifestation of Chanel´s statement style. If we look closely the texture of the knitts was more robust and on the roughly accentuated side, bringing the ultimate cozy vibe to it. The stars of the collection were defenitely big coats with hint of voluminosity and not to forget the knitted maxi dresses with very elegant touch to them.

The collection was spiced up with the few evening dresses, sheer and purposely see through gown with combination of lace and tiny floral embelishments. Or chiffon layered black cocktail dress worn by Lagerfeld current muse, Lily Rose Depp. A manifestation of quirky and playful Lagerfeld´s vibe were the floral crowns in Frida Kahlo mannerism. These details were "petite" whisp of decadence for which french fashion is known about.

Once again Chanel offered so much in one show; a story telling visual approach, beautiful design, wearable clothes, cozy and warm but with typical elegant twist to it! Here was the reminiscence of classic Chanel very present and obvious; it was so strong that at the moments the spirit of mademoiselle Coco was very alive. Amazing collection! We are so looking for the next Autumn/Winter 2017 with this Chanel fashion contribution in it!

Do you like this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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