Winter can be so uninspirational in fashion sense! If you have awesome fashion piece you know that it will not be cozy and warm during the cold winter days. Or maybe the specific item is warm but has huge lack of visional excitment! In today´s post I will show you some of glam winter inspirations. The haute couture ensembles can be seen too as well as ready to wear, because to me personally high end fashion is the source of inevitable great fashion surprises. So, if you want to see how to look stylish in minus zero degrees, then please keep on reading!

First we go from the coat. Coat is the main essential item when it comes to colder weather situations. The glam effect you will have if you choose it in totally no-winter color; bright and warm shades, like pink, red, baby blue. The extraordinary form is also requested, so big voluminous and opulent coats, with very avant garde hint is desirable to choose. If you are more braver you can go for fringes boost or grandious appliques like roses, flowers or simply opulent prints.

You don´t have to choose not to wear the dress if you are a  huge gown fan. For special occasions you can go for more heavy textured materials. The leather is always a great choice, especially in black. All black ensemble with red lipstick is the ultimate factor for winter glam, no doubt! Currently very popular sheer or see through forms are very chic. If you combined it with cozy coat mentioned at the beginning of this post, you will have the ultimate glam effect!

As you can see, winter is not so bad in fashion sense! It takes a little style courage to stand out in dull and cold winter days or nights. One reason more to love fashion, style and haute couture!

What are your favourite winter glam combinations?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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