In a few days a fashion house of famous american designer Carolina Herrera will celebrate thirty five years! For fashion industry which is known for its turbulent nature this is really an amazing thing. To celebrate and to show honor to this fact I decided to say few things about fashion style of Herrera. Plus one more notation, if you are regular reader of my blog, you could see that few of the lasts posts are themed by leading female names of fashion industry! So today I am still on the same band wagon, yay!

But lets go back to main domain of today´s post! Carolina Herrera´s sense for fashion has always strucked me because it has always been chic and effortless at the same time. She makes gorgeous collections, always bursting with elegance bringing an ultimate glamour effect to everyday style. I like how even her ready to wear vision is very elegant and vice versa, her haute couture collections are on light wearable side which is a perfect thing!

I love how Herrera sees women; very romantic, in floral prints overloaded, bathed in most luxurious silky materials creating that ultimate elegance for which Herrera stands for bringing a touch of casual note matching white silky blowse with a glamorous ´50-es form of skirts. This effortless and easy going chic is even today the main characteristic of her work.

When we talk about grandious experiments in her visual expression, we won´t find any exaggerations in that sense, but never the less, she always manages to presents the most iconicly beautiful couture and pret-a-porter collections which are a magnificent visual festivity for which she has been known.

Her spectrum of textures that she uses is really wide; from light, sleek laced embroidery to massive and voluminous gowns spreaded in heavy but heavenly silky materials. Silhouettes are very simple, opulent at first sight but with very comfortable due to the materials´ choice. Colors are very delicate, like a flush of a blush on woman´s cheeks improvising that gorgeously petals´ glow, or a little more brave expression in shape of illuminating bold prints all around. She is trully an icon of New York fashion scene who has held an astonishing constant for thirty five years. This is the thing worth admiration, no doubt!

What do you think about Herrera´s fashion?

Thank you  for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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