Max Mara is well known italian luxury brand! Famous for its elegant coats and bags this is one of the most luxurious fashion houses that nourishes simple but glamorous style. The same motto could be seen in their latest pre-fall collection for autumn/winter 2017. The kaleidoscope of colors, patterns and forms was the leading visual inspiration which as its final result had some serious chic and feminine hype.

Already mentioned cozy but elegant coats were defenitely highlights of this collection! In ultimate IT winter color white, with all monochromatic ensembles this was the most stylish part of the show. In strong defined military form or just a little bit loosed up this long coats were dazzling so much that they could be a potential  most desirable item of the next autumn/winter season.

The very feminine touch was in the shape of sleek cocktail dresses. Combined with cashmere sweaters their light ruffled textures were even more accentuated. The hourglass silhouette was undertoned with wide belts which could be seen on the coats too! This is the sign of ultimate feminine touch and very strong focus at woman´s features. Leather glows were also the refined part of the collection! They looked really eye-catching in combination with dresses and luxury boosted jumpsuits.

Not to forget the colors! Lets be honest, italian fashion brands love color, especially the bright ones. This collection wasn´t any exception either. At the very beginning the more black or white combinations were interrupted with more pastel and vibrant colors towards the end. The colorful crescendo really looked amazing! This was one of the collection that every woman would love to wear it! And this statement says enough, right!

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  1. Love your blog and the content of the posts, so inspiring and interesting!
    Such an inspiration for my new baby

    1. Aw, thank you so much! This really means a lot to me! :)