Wednesday, 15 February 2017


The queen of impecable and perfectly elegant style Carolina Herrera has proved that she knows how to maintain the high level of style realizations! There is indeed something very appealling when woman designs for women; a different, more feminine approach to it which is at the same time bold and purely aware of woman´s worth! All of that being said through fashion expression is really one of the many reasons why we love Carolina Herrera´s design! This elegance with very flowy concept, fluid silhouettes and perfectly managed textures, those are the things by which her design is always on point and star dusty colored.

The collection for Autumn/Winter presented at the New York Fashion Week was really in all of this frames and even more. Celebrating woman in simple pieces like white blouse, cozy coats or pleated skirts was in interpretation by Herrera more than astonishing. It was an elegant luxury brought in ready to wear mannerism. But lets start from the beginning! As already mentioned white blouse was the main piece which was presented at the start of the show. It´s simplicity was "deconstructed" in form of unusual high victorian alike collars enriched by sleek bows in same white color boosting the texture of them or in contrast black alluring glamorous school uniforms alike vibes. This white piece was in combination with black simply pleated skirt or in same formated skirt but in more contemporary leatherish form.

The very loose up approach was defenitely in the embody of voluminous coats! Seems like the big over-voluminous coats are here to stay so we will be defenitely seeing them in the next season. The color of these items was petroleum blue, very dark and deep but very sophisticated. This is the example how even choice of color can make an item desirable and stylisticly more excited. If the color was black the effect would not be so impecable and vivid, for sure!

Of course, Carolina Herrera is famous for her haute couture collections. And the touch of her couture divine tayloring could be sensed in this show too! The dresses were so couture alike colored that they could be immediately seen as pure couture ensembles. The uvertire for that fashion divine was in form of combination made by long pleated chiffon skirts and romanticly taylored blouses. The wavy nature of blouse sleeves and playful moving of pleated ruffles really gave airy and etherical touch to this whole story! The high point were long waisted dresses with very flowy silhouette! Boosted with glittery appliques the couture factor was on the fleek!

Even the makeup and hair were very haute couture; matt muave eyelids and natural nude lips. The hair was formed in sleek at side parted bun. But what this whole glamorous story kept down in "ready to wear" niche were flat shoes and boots or flat pointy ballerinas! This was an example that woman can look glamorous even not wearing high heels because the main focus was on the very well taylored and luxurious clothes´ ensembles. Carolina Herrera has proved that she is the ultimate high fashion creator! This collection was just the upgrade of that fact!

Which piece in this collection would you wear? What are your thoughts about Carolina Herrera´s style?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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