Tuesday, 14 February 2017


If anyone nourishes haute couture´s timeless aesthetic than it is defenitely Osca de la Renta house of design! Their collection, even those made for ready to wear shows are always on high visual pedestal and aesthetic that it is really hard to find correct line between the couture and ready to wear! Now, this is not a bad thing! It just provides us the most refined face of ready to wear collection, making everyday clothing more glamorous and imaginatively braver! 

That was the same thing with latest Oscar de la Renta Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready To Wear collection! A mixture of wearable cozy pieces and high couture defined gowns which are the trademark of this fashion house is so on point. What catches the eye are futuristic approach of it which is here meant to attract more young consumers with extraordinary style approach. But let us see what Oscar de la Renta offers us this seasson! Let me just say that creative directors of this house are Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia after Ocar de la Renta´s passing in 2014.

The color blocking is the first thing what stands out; very vibrant colors spectrum from red, yellow to very pink. This colors (un)matching game can be seen on the more cozy outfits, like voluminous coats with wide spread silhoutte boosted with wider bell alike sleeves. Or in compacted more accessories-ish items like big belts or cutted tops in combination with simple black classic suit or just pencil trousers. Oh, when mentioning the trosers the sleekness of them is so impecable and elegant.

The more couture side of this collection is in the form of voluminous ball gowns! This is more traditional and very original "de la Renta" moment! If you add to it rich ornamented prints in maxi or mini variations, we have the perfect "deja vu" Oscar de la Renta fashion moment! The only contemporary touch in this whole story is defenitely material choice! Very stiff and robust texture which gives the ensembles in moving very aerodynamic flare to them! The more playful moment is defenitely in the form of furry mini skirts! This is very decadent and ultra glamorous side that is often to see in new de la Renta design!

If you look closely to the faces of the models you can see very vibrant makeup on the eyes! More rainbow alike game with hot pink or "azzuro" blue sharp eyeliner! If the eyeliner is avoided than all pink eyelids are displayed which is a proven hint that pink is going to be a new brown when talking about eye makeup! Lips in this case are nude, more powdery beige colored. Hair is so couture alike boosted; in form of sleek and tight low bun!

So as you can see there is really a thin line between haute couture and ready to wear! It can be made on purpose on by accident! In each way the final result is werable and stunning fashion! Just like this collection! Very youthful but with classic "de la Renta" flare! And that is the beauty of this collection!

Which piece in this collection do you like the most? What do you think abouth the colors of the ensembles?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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