Wednesday, 8 February 2017


If someone knows what is refined beauty and style then it is defenitely Chloe, a luxury fashion house! Chloe is also known for its famous perfumes but it is constant on the pret-a-porter design top. If you like to be noticed as a high aesthetic fashion consumer then this is the collection for you. Mix of light floral printed dresses and fine robust knitts is really stylisticly very on point! If you add to it loose up silhouette in form of divine voluminosity, than you get a perfect fall/winter collection!

One thing which is very noticable and original are puffed sleeves on the mini dresses as well as on the coats and sweaters. This is the magnificent highlight by which the whole collection has very new romanticism vibe with grungy appeal. Perfect combination of ovesrized sweater and long laced maxi dress makes every outfit with fall/winter orientation stylish and playfu, no doubtl.

A very modern touch is noticable by accessories; small mini bags in already mentioned oversized ensembles, or classic Chloe bags in more masculinum colored outfits for the deep feminine touch. Cozy and elegant are the words by which this collection can be described! With natural, earthy and soft colors it plays design ode to autumn/winter days! If there is one thing we can looking for this year than it is probably this collection which will unpretenciously light the dull cold days! More of that we can not ask for, right!

How do you like this collection? Is there any item you would particularly like to wear?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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