Monday, 13 February 2017


When it was announced in the house of Calvin Klein that the this year´s first autumn/winter ready to wear collection would be designed by known designer Raf Simons who just left the Dior, it was the most anticipated show of this New York Fashion Week. And for a reason! It was the style boost on the highest level with very varieties in visual sense but very "americano" and typically Calvin Klein! Why was the final result so good?! Well, both Calvin Klein and Raf Simons share the same minimalistic sense when it comes to aesthetic so the Raf´s vision of new Klein wasn´t very far, just more braver, edgy and stylisticly vivid.

The sleek and strength silhouettes could be seen in shape of tight high waisted pencil skirts, impecably taylored by prints´ blocking overload coats and very robust on the sholders jackets. The imaginative break through was in the couturish cocktail dresses with feather appliques on the front! Two highlights by which this collection was a total fashion hit and perfection was in the shape of nylon overcoats featured as the cover of already mentioned ensembles. This maybe simple and ordinary material brought in this concept was very vivid and playful edgy twist which immediately inhaled new design´s fresh air in the house of Calvin Klein! The other was American flag wrapped in the form of skirt under the coat; maybe the hidden message driven by recent (un)popular political changes in USA?! Of course, the fashion show couldn´t go without famous Klein denim and that was in the form of monochrome all denim blouse and pants combinations!

Raf Simons did a fantastic work! I have to admit, I wasn´t so much fan of his work in Dior! Spoiled by John Galliano´s geniuslycreative  "ludism" the Raf design was to simple, to distanced and cold! But when he was set in the same more minimalistic mode he let down all the creative limits and gave us visually perfect collection with lots of fashion excitements and innovations! Yes, Raf Simons redesigned Calvin Klein but at the same point he redesigned himself

Did you like this collection? What were the highlights of this collection for you?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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