Monday, 6 February 2017


At this year´s haute couture fashion week Versace decided not to hold a runway show. Instead this luxurious italian brand has offered us the new spring/summer couture collection in form of editorial. This was defenitely maybe a turning point at the house of Versace not just in displaying their work but in the style sense too. When talking about style design the micro changes could be seen in this collection, that was for sure.

A strong sexyappeal and emancipated femininity accent were in this collection defenitely in the low key position! More sophisticated and in texture enriched forms were in the first place to notice. When talking about texture a strong embroidery ornaments were highlight of this collection. Weather in long gowns or cutted mini dresses, the knitted alike features were the main visual juxtaposition.

The very sleek silhouette despite the more robust texture was here the leading design point! A low key seductive note for which Versace has been known about was defenitely in the air! This playful note was accentuated even through makeup; very dramatic smokey eyes or deep bold lips. This collection didn´t have its "wa wa woom" moment in sense of runway flashlights but it had defenitely its spotlight in design impecable sense offering us something new by house of Versace!

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