Burberry has been known as a luxury fashion house which nourishes for decades the elegant and classic style. The legacy of this house is defenitely incorporated in famous trench coat which by the years of active design legacy, it had had its very own variations. If you have read my previous post, than you probably know that London Fashion Week is all about experiments in design and style, who appreciates and celebrates the innovations in fashion design. Well, this collection is prove for that.

When a traditional british fashion house has made a collection presented yesterday you know that it has courage and fierless love for fashion, style and trends too. Because the collection presented yesterday was all of that. The famous trench coat, already mentioned here, in its traditional kind of appear was not to be seen. In the spotlight were mostly snowy white cashmere knitts and oversized sweaters brought above the classic white blouses. The trench coat could be only seen in its deconstrcted form; in very un-shapy and wavy hints of coats silhouettes.

The very robust textures of these items were in the range of sculpted forms presenting the very artisticly inspired design motto. More delicate were light laced dresses worn underneath the robustly made coats. In the contemporary range could be defined and asimetrical forms of the ensembles too! A playful twist made by this detailing was accentuanting perfectly the experimental code of this collection.

Burberry has showed very imaginative access to ready to wear, for sure! With contemporary vibes it has defenitely very high artisticly almost haute couture kind of mode. And that all was made unpretenciously, giving us the new future look of this traditional british house, proving us once more that London Fashion Week loves new trends, innovations in style, shaking the old current frames and in that deconstructed "mess" gives us the new aesthetic which will have many consumers and fans, no doubt that!

What do you think about new Burberry design? Do you like it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


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