Monday, 20 February 2017


We are in the middle of fashion week month! So this week I will be showing you some of the most exciting collections from London Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready To Wear. If you are into the fashion, you probably know that every fashion week (by this I mean those which are held in New York, London, Milan and Paris) is known for ist specific nature. And so by meaning that London Fashion Week is one of the most experimental ones! London loves fashion excitments so it brings the most inspirational, fierless and playful side of fashion design. If the New York Fashion week is known for its elegnat low key, London is here to presents itself in all its fashion glory. And one of the prominent names of this scene is defenitely Julien Macdonald. He is known for ultra glam with hints of seductive note boosted at its highest range.

All of this mentioned above could be considered a visual maintenance when talking about this particular collection, made for Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready To Wear. It was defenitely ready to wear and ready to party! The range of ensembles doesn´t go down of the most sultry evening wear pedestal, giving the rock chic new meaning. Julien Macdonald knows glamorous clothes. Her clothes is made to be seen on the red carpets and music stages. He is adored by the famous singers, like JLo or Beyonce! So if you want to be a showstopper you can jump into his clothes ASAP.

Or better, squeeze in because his ensembles presented at this year´s fashion week were short, the shortest. Covering up is not so Macdonald thing so if you like to show lots of skin but still look stylisticly on point you will want to wear something like this. The textures reserved for mainly evening ensembles, like glitter, shiny appliques or see through lace solutions, all of this was the material of which the clothing pieces were made off. Impressive cuts on the front in asimetrical ways, high waisted skirts combined by bra-ish corsets, ultra short shorts aka jumpsuits made of shiny embelishments; all of this made an impressive evening wear. The frontal naked parts were lightened up by long sleeves, giving the reveal note more low key and elegant hints. The most gorgeous were defenitely long dresses, perfect for red carpet show off and they were defenitely the highlight of the show!

Makeup was on the same glam boost band wagon; very bold and seductive. Intense smokey eyes with nude lips, classic combination for rock/glam studded appeal. The hair was naturally wavy parted in the middle. If anyone can make collection and clothes in which anyone could look like a STAR and glam diva than that is probably Julien Macdonald. He is serving this utra edgy chic constantly in his fashion, and it has became his trademark. And that is not a bad thing! Just the opposite; it is safe and never disapponting style vibe. So in showstopper emergency call for Julien Macdonald. He will make you style star of the evening, no doubt!

What do you think about this collection? Which piece would you like to wear?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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