If you are familiar with Dolce & Gabanna work you know that this fashion duo loves style conglomerate with mish-mash of everything but still appealing and looking perfectly and dazlling. The same design motto was used at the last Dolce & Gabanna show celebrating not just the heterogenic vibes of fashion and their style, but the multiple beauty of women too. On the runway, at which hundred and thirty ensembles were displayed, were sent not just professional models, but famous faces from fashion & IT society scene.

With every show Dolce & Gabanna celebrates the beauty of woman and fashion combined. With this show was the same case; lots of imaginative textures (from typically D&G leopard prints), luxurious pj´s transformed into luxurious street wear, gorgeously fitted coats with furry collars, sleek pencil cocktail dresses in interaction with seductive corsets. I you add to all of that printed jeans and t-shirts with uber-famous face of Justin Bieber, you get the modern, witty and "for all generations" created fashion . The must have when we talk about Dolce & Gabanna, the famous gold crowns were again the highlight of the accessories´ story. Plus the red lipstick on the lips with high clean and glamorous make up, and we have the most "dolce" of D&G fashion sqaud!

If you need to taste the italian style, be chic and playful at the same time; if you want to be elegant but wear eye catching ensemble; if you want to be modern but with high fashionable pedigree acknowledged then you will defenitely be inspired by this collection! Nothing in this collection was gloomy or dark and that is the proof you need a little D&G dose during dull winter days. And that is the best what this collection can offer to us!

Do you like this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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