If you ever wanted to look amazing and elegant even during ultra cold season, than this collection could be by your taste. Coziness has always been a must in design house of Max Mara and so was this collection for Autumn/Winter Ready to Wear 2017. Max Mara is italian luxury house which is famous for perfect tayloring in coats so they know how to make daily wear chic and transcendent it on the higher aesthetic level.

Nothing in this collection wasn´t over exaggerated. Everything was so on point! The elegant silhouettes, the cashmere knitts, the two pieces suits. If you add to it gentle and soft colors, you get the ultimate elegant style. The texture of the coats was very warm appealling; in luxury version of teddy bear materials, with more robust surface and detailings. The highlight of the show were big, oversized turtle necks as well as the opulent bags as the accessory story.

The range of colors was on the more warm side; from firery red, soft camel brown, to gentle greys, a casual spectrum of autumn or winter daily wear colors. The colors were toned down even on the models´ look. Bare face with muave or coral eyelids. Perfect undertone for very gentle and classic collection in which Max Mara fas offered us style lessons, secure way how to stylisticly and fashion wise be on point! And that sometimes is hard to get! But if you choose Max Mara you will be style star in the blink of an eye!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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