Friday, 10 February 2017


When starting point of the fashion journey is luxurious lingerie than your design nature is very seductive and very sexy! This style orientation and inspiration was leading point in the latest ready to wear collection for autumn/winter 2017 presented on the New York Fashion Week by italian luxury house La Perla! Lots of silky and laced ways with chiffon features were in the runway spotlight ahead with famous supermodel Naomi Campbell and with finished look at the end weared by IT girl Kendall Jenner. The variety of forms was on the point, with high boosted glam but very sensual and seductive.

What caught the eye were defenitely the corsets alike upper parts, reminding us of bra variations. In some outfits bra could be seen but in others, like in trousers and jackets ensembles it was more on the lay low side. The trousers story was completed with short jumpsuits, very youthful oriented in vibrant colors and with very sleek and tight silhouette! This ensembles could be perfect for indian summer, no doubt!

But the original approach in design was defenitely on point in long evening dresses: Very interesting cuts reveling (too) much purposely were very extraordinary and so artisticly enchanting so that pure reveal game was in the second place! The originality of those decolettes was just impecable predicting even more stunnier collection in the future! Of course in La Perla everything comes from lingerie, it is their design motto, but how it has been developed in this collection was pure fashion joy!

Would you like to wear any of this outfits? What do you think about lingerie inspired fashion?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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