London Fashion Week is known for its experimental kind of vibe. It embraces fierlessly the designers that love to make very innovative and outstanding visual design´s statements pushing the boundries of already known. London Fashion Week is the fertile ground for new trends in ready to wear niche. its unusual and pointy nature is transfered into the fashion mainstream, which is great thing because then you are witnessing new trendy era in the making. And trends are very important and focus domain of pret a portrer shows. Someone who perfectly fits into this concept is defenitely Christopher Kane. His design is known for being brave and freshly new. Maybe Kane´s aesthetic is not at innovative point of view, but it is defenitely on the side of impecable re-design of already known pieces into the new design story.

In this collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 Christopher Kane´s main domain of design was defenitely in playful and heterogenic use of textures and materials. This perfect mish-mash of different fabriques was his design motivation. Each ensemble looked so original and authentic, like they were conglomerates from other collections. This fact only shows how bold and imaginative this Scothish designer is. Sleeves ornamented with cascade pockets, asimetrical cuts on the mini dresses, oversized voluminous furry coats, purposely choice of unmatching alike statement cutted sweaters over the vivid colorful long skirt, pieces made of color-blocking patchworks, not to mention the shiny embelishments...As you can see the nature of this collection is very versatile and endless in design sense and textures´ choice.

I will note here that this kind of creative approach could only pass at somenone who really knows fashion in all its features. Not just in pure visual way, but in tayloring sense too. This is the point where real design profesionals know their stuff. Because this kind of design braveness and courage needs the backup in design education and tayloring too. All of this Chrostopher Kane has and because all of that this collection was a pure eyecatcher. If you choose any of these statement pieces you will be noticed on the street for sure! It is not maybe perfect for red carpet but it is made for the for stunning moments in daily wear. With these pieces you will satisfy your inner fashionista appetite, for sure!

Do you like this collection? Which piece do you like the most?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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