Friday, 17 February 2017


Marc Jacobs has been known as very imaginative desiger. His collections always reveal something new and they have been more than just a pure fashion. If you think that fashion is mainly aesthetic thing without any further social percussion Marc Jacobs and his design vision and philosophy are here to ensure you about that. The collection presented yesterday, on the 16-th February at The New York Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2017 was everything just not the pure fashion show. Although the beautiful fashion pieces were displayed, if you ask Mr. Jacobs this collection was his tribute to the street fashion.

When we talk about street fashion one of the main pieces of this puzzle has been defenitely a hip hop era by which Jacobs was inspired to make this collection! But the heterogenic vision of it and very artisticly vivid approach to it needed the personal statement slash explanation of Marc Jacobs himself. So here was what he said about his creative MOJO for this collection: "(...)this collection was "an acknowledgement and gesture of my respect for the polish and consideration applied to fashion that will forever be the foundation of youth culture street style". (source With that being said we have got the better reception frame in which we could put this collection. So now as we know the reason and inspiration for it, we can talk about was Marc Jacobs vision well put, was it hit or miss.

The mentioned street style and hip hop could be seen in stylisticly refined traces like golden maxi chaines around the neck, cozy baggy tracksuits, pumped hats which were defnitely a true eyecatcher. But this inspiration and adoration of hip hop goes back to the roots because the collection had strong seventies´ vibes; from wide trousers, "Saturday Night Fever" alike platforms and furry "thrift shop" jackets in very vintage, posh version of it. Perfect knitts were the main domain of this collection! There were not so much evening dresses, just mini skirts colored by disco mannerism. The main focus was commom daily wear! But if Jacobs presented only that the show would not be so excited. The excitement was hidden in extravangt already mentioned pumpy hats, exaggerated vintage vibes. And between all of that the most perfect autumn/winter pieces were showed; luxurious coats, furry bundled jackets and refined knitts.

This show was the perfect example how fashion works, how fashion feels, how fashion thinks and how fashion re-acts! It was an aestheticly perfect jump into the future giving a tribute to the past. This collection was impecable example of how fashion recycles style inspirations from the past making the new, fresh and witty hybrid of design! If Marc Jacobs wanted to re-evaluate the puls of streeatwear, he created the new aesthetic at the same time, pushing the borderlines of visual expectation more further and made the collection which was a totally hit, a collection which will be considered as a milestone of ready to wear stories!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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