Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Hello my lovelies! I really hope you have been enjoying my posts about haute couture fashion week. You have to know that this is the moment of the year for which I as a haute couture blogger can´t wait to see, so I really have the urge to write and analiyse what was seen on the runways.

In today´s post I will write my impressions about Dior show. Ok, I have to admit, today´s Dior in visual sense is very different from John Galliano´ days and that is a little, I have to be honest, disappointing. But, every house of couture has it´s own evolution and I have to admit the stage where Dior is today is not maybe on couture Olympus but it is standing proudly channelling the most elegant couture.

This was the case with this collection. It was very simple with strong vertical silhouette, loosed a little in the waist and in the sleeves which were puffed. The collection was really monochromatic not only in coloration but in cuts too. Long dresses were boosted gently with pleats, chiffon ruffles, embroidered ornaments, or they were just falling very free in airy and wide form.

This minimalistic aesthetic was accentuated even more with flatted opened sandals which were tied with satin ribbons. This gave the whole ensembles very casual feed back. I think on this point the self confidence of designers in Dior to display on couture show flats was really worth of admiration. But don´t worry the couture and elegant peak was defenitelly reached.

The hair was sleek, taken from the face away. Very simple, which was only following that loosed up vibe of the whole collection. The make up was different, very dramatic with very ultra bold eyeliner game on the upper lid or only on down lid, or reminiscencing the ancient Egypt, on the both up and down. This gave the collection very arhaicly modern touch.

This collection was not maybe a typical haute couture collection. It was really down to earth, with simplicity choosen to be the only imperative. But this simplicity is in general very hard to accomplish, but Dior did an amazing job. It offered new aesthetic, ok maybe a little ascetic but in this couture frame we could see the elegance and craftmenship to the fullest. And that is what makes this colection a total hit!

What do you think about this collection? Do you like latest design vibes coming from Dior?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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