Thursday, 14 July 2016


Hello my gorgeous friends! Today´s post is a special treat for all of haute couture lovers out there because I will write few impressions about Jean Paul Gaulter show which was held last week. Everyone who follows trends in fashion in general, konws that Jean Paul Gaultier is the last savage oe "enfant terrible" of haute couture. His work is bold, brave, witty and always stands out.

This collection was not an exception. The variety of styles, materials, colors, textures, plus very sassy and edgy looks of the runway made this show an extraordinary experience in visual sense.

Jean Paul put on a display a gorgeous ensembles; dresses made of heavy chiffons, very sleek but wild silhouettes. The collection has rock vibe in forms of fringes which were often featured in his creations. The deep winter touch he created by using successfully typical textures and materials for winter; wool in form of knitted ovesrized coats and fur which was presented like elegant cloak or russian hats.

The colors were in autumn range; very warm brown, green, powdery shades were incorporated too, as well as deep red. The prints were very bold, tartan blocking could be seen, already mentioned fringes channelling in variety forms, glitter overload was there too, beacuse autumn/winter collection is non imaginative without it.

Make up was the reflection of the whole collection but on the faces; deep dark red lips with bold smokey eyes: Very dramatic and glamorous! The hair was presented in form of braids worn in a high bun. We could see this very common hair style for haute couture but in original and different kind of realization which gave the whole collection a tribal touch or say with the other words; a couture tribe vibe!

I was blown away with this collection! Jean Paul Gaultier never disappoints me. He is the only one left in mainstream haute couture that is brave enough to experiment, to play with couture and to be fabulous at the same time.

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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