Monday, 11 July 2016


Hello my dear fashion friends! Hope you are enjoying the hot, hot, hot summer! The temperatures are high, and boy, so were the runways of last haute couture fashion week in Paris. Today I will say my impressions about Ralf & Russo. I wrote about this house of couture in one of my blog post so you can visit me at and check it out.

Ralf & Russo is house of couture which accentuates very often the romanticism and femininity at its finest. That was the case with this show too. Lots of silk, ruffles and the most delicate embroidery. All of that formed in the most glamorous silhouettes; an accentuated waist in every occasion, whether it is roboost or sleek visual form.

A variety of style in the range of "belle couture" was showed too. A very airy dresses with light chiffon or silk features, very deep cutted ensembles, or very bold and brave versions with oversize hats as cool accessorize. What is common to all of these visual combinations is embroidery which is perfectly delicate giving each piece a refine touch.

Color wise this was very polyvalent collection with very wide range and spectrum of colors. From white to black, with soft rose and grey, or one particular piece, in pistachio green which had vibe of ovesized trench coat "a la couture". So in this sense this was the most warm collection in colors´ aspect but what gives it an autumn/winter touch are defenitely the textures of fabriques which are more heavy and monodimensional.

Hair and make up were very glamorous; bold liner game on the eyes and naked lips with gorgeously contoured cheekbones. Sleek hair captured in bun is the hair solution which was perfectly incorporated in whole couture story.

This was amazing collection! Perfect cut boosted with fine embroidery features, displayed on the most luxurious materials and textures. This was a couture heaven!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo

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