Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Hello my dear fashion friends! If there could be a sellection of one king of ultimate elegance than this would probably be Giorgio Armani. His design is well known for very chic and simply glamour well done coutured and mancrafted so this last haute couture show was just the glorious reflection of his amazing work.

When talking about Armani fashion there is no visual drama or big tayloring experiments and escapades. But something in his designer´s expressions is worth the endless admiration. Maybe the well done cuts, maybe the elegant forms which compliment woman´s body and spirit, or just that italian approach to fashion which is gorgeously glamorous but easily wearable at the same time.

In this collection Armani showed us wide spectrum of ensembles. Only Armani woman can look irresistible in trousers and blazers in the "ready for red carpet" kind of way. We saw an amazing display of pencil sleek or wide airy trousers all matched up with impecable and perfect blazers or with big silky tops tied in overloaded bow which gave the collection even in that "casual" moment very elegant touch.

The dresses speak for themselves. I mean you could stear in them for ages! Very feminine silhouette was enchanced in sleek by velvet made gowns or by textures made of thousands applied Swarowski crystals which gave that "awww" moment. If you like more glamorous and standing out ensembles, the puffy waves featured on the dresses were perfect choice for it. Or one, all black very Armani moment, the big and opulent dress ornamented with big wavy ruffles, to me that was the highlight of the whole show, for sure.

Make up was very soft, brown matt lips with shimmer glazing on the eyes which gave a hint of eighty-s. A modern touch were defenitely bold and full eyebrows. Hair was up, tied in wavy and freezy bun which perfectly corresponded to the whole loosed up glamour.

This collection was very beautiful. It captioned everything for Giorgio Armani design stands for; decent glam boosted to its highest level incorporated in perfectly cuts made by the most impecable precision. We were once again witnesses of grandious haute couture, the couture which is not often to be seen. And for that "grazie mille, signore Armani!"

What do you think about Armani design? Do you like it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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