Sunday, 17 July 2016


Hello my dear friends! So my haute couture fashion week´s impressions continue. Today I will write few words about Valention runway show. If you follow fashion activity more you know that this was the latest collection of Maria Grazia Chiuri so this show was like a farewell collection from current (well now former fashion director).

The collection was very clean and simple. By that I mean clean and strong cuts with very small colors´ range. With highly tall overalls the whole collection had the victorian touch wich corresponded amazingly with make up and hair too. Saying that I can tell that whole display had very monochromatic and neat style which stands out for amazing designer´s skills.

The silhouettes had that neo-victorian modernism, in form of wavy double appliqued gowns and slightly accentuated waist with a hint of soft femininity, and by roundly puffed sleeves. The contemporary touch was given in form of leather textures in some of the ensembles which gave the collection an edgy and romanticly dark touch.

The colors were as I mentioned in very small range; white, black, deep green and grey. But any show of Valentino can´t pass by without a display of the famous Valention red color! And here was the case too in the last ensemble which was presented, a gorgeously red opulent ensemble alluring at the wedding dress.

Make up was nude or totally invisible. Blank faces with "no-make up" illusion undertoned the victorian vibe which was the highlight motive of the collection. The hair was in the same range, a sleek low flat tale. Little pins in the hair around models´ faces were only ornament that stood out.

I have to admit this collection really blew my expactations. It was different Valentino, very low key but with tremendeous couture display. Very artisticly boosted collection with archaic glamour of some pass times was a perfect present for a goodbye of this creative team.

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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