Hello dear fashion friends! As previous posts of mine were really edgy, very decadent and dark I decided that in today´s post I share some of my impressions and to curate few images of haute couture ensembles made in pastel.

Pastel colors are not really colors they are shades of main warm or cool toned colors, but brought on very soft and crisp variants. So let us enjoy in some of candy eyes a la haute couture.

As you can imagine the main domain of these couture are spring/summer collections. Here we can see how color is very important for final definition of collection. Pastel shades come often in airy and light combinations, in very wearable ensembles colliding perfectly with "belle couture" which is an opposite term of more sassy and modern savage couture.

The impressions of pastel couture is very feminine with loosed hint of sexappeal. Nothing has brought in exaggerations, only in perfectly elegant shapes and forms. This coloration choice also corresponds with the choice of textures which are more silky, tulle-ish and with textures boosted by lots of ruffles. Of course, nothing is impossible in world of haute couture, so we can enjoy and wedding dresses in pastel colorated instalments!

I think the top of the tops are defenitely gowns made in this spectrum of colors. It offers us the dream, dream of couture fairytale alike. It is gorgeously sugar coated, to spice up and perform the tasties visual enjoyment and joy! Haute couture has so many secrets, revealing them so generaously pompous to us, that it is a pure aesthetic synesthesia which is ageless and eternal! Viva Haute Couture!

Do you like thes kind of couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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