Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Hello my gorgeous fashion friends! I am so exciting about haute couture fashion week which is going on these days, so I decided to write my impressions about new Chanel collection presented few days ago. Haute couture shows are not so often displayed, so I decided to analize every collection showed on this year´s AW fashion week.

So, what were the highlights of these collection?! I can defenitely say, the finest tweed embroidery, for which this house of couture is known about, has been presented in its best form. The polyvalent shapes and features of these material really have been the star of the runway.

The two pieces coates, brought in very voluminous realizations, gave the modern accent to traditional Chanel visualisations. The collection had some dark and twisted edgyness accentuated in form of suede glows and deep cutted boots, which were incorporated in almost every ensemble.

Of course, when talking about Chanel, we talk about very feminine dresses, very airy, flowy and delicate. This show wasn´t exception. It had some really beautiful gowns and the materials for them were choosed in very wide range; from fine silky moments to very heavy by glitters established textures. All of this in very small display of colors; white, grey and of course the queen of autumn/winter, black.

The hair was worn in messy shapes, but very wide from the face. This was made with suede black head band, so we have very sleek face silhouette featured with messy up-do. Make up was clean, very natural with only heavy eyeliner game on the eyes. This was only part of the face which was accentuated and gave the whole outfits´ story dark and edgy vibe.

This is not classic haute couture collection but very Chanel, if you know what I mean! Karl Lagerfeld has once again made a brilliant job, giving the couture the loosed up and new signature. I think madame Chanel would approved it, defenitely!

What do you think about this collection by Chanel? Do you like it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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